The Green Course is developed to inform and to inspire your staff members to contribute to the organisation’s sustainability plans and strategy.

Welcome to the Green Course!

are Sanne and Ramona, and our mission is to enthuse and inspire as many people as possible about sustainability with our online course Building a shared sustainability mindset.

By inspiring employees to adapt a sustainability mindset, businesses can more easily and successfully implement their sustainability plan and goals with support and input of all staff members and departments.

Staff members are one of the most important stakeholders within an organisation. Executing policy and strategy without support from this group is very difficult and ineffective.

Change within an organisation is always difficult, whether it’s a new computer program or taking a sustainable direction. Therefore, we have structured this course according to the ADKAR change model.

“Truly integrate sustainability in your organisation.

From digging heels in the sand to true ambassadors”

Module 1: Oh no! What happened?

In the first module we go way back to find out what happened. The Earth is estimated to have been formed 4.5 billion years ago and consists of many complex ecosystems. In the past 250 years humanity thrived in numbers and welfare, but also started to bring imbalance to these billions of years old ecosystems. In this module we look back at the path that brought us to our current situation

Module 2: Our current situation and climate myths

The second module gives information on the current situation. It explains the Paris Agreement and the different pressures on our planet that we are currently facing such as excessive greenhouse gas emissions. We explain, for example, what CO2 and methane gases are and how they affect our planet.  The nine planetary boundaries are described and explained with clear examples.

Then we tackle a few climate myths and misunderstandings such as; The Earth is heating up by a few degrees, so what? I prefer warmer weather… or the Earth’s climate has always changed, so why is it a problem now?

Module 3: Future road map

When starting this module, you will understand the problems we are facing. In module 3 we explain what we need to accomplish to restore the balance. Important aspects to accomplish this are system thinking and a circular economy. A society where every company takes their responsibility of the complete chain.

In the last part of this module, we look at the predictions and the five scenarios from the latest IPCC report are explained. What will the future bring and how can we influence this?

Module 4: A good end…. 

At the end of this fun and exciting course we share examples of businesses that already made the change to a more sustainable strategy and business operations, and the benefits that they experience.

There is more…

Fifty shades of Green To gain an idea on your own footrprint, you can fill in the 50 shades of green quiz. Answer the questions and your will see how sustainable your lifestyle is and where improvements are possible. 

Sustainability Escape room: Do you have what it takes to get out of the room and save the world?

Input At the end of the course, we will ask all participants for ideas on how the organisation can become (more) sustainable.

What are the benefits?

  • Shared knowledge about sustainability

  • Support base from all staff

  • More efficient implementation of sustainability plans

  • Input from all staff members

  • Team spirit

  • A better world!

Courses and prices

Building a shared sustainability mindset

Price per person (2-250 employees)


– 4 modules Building a shared sustainability mindset

– 50 shades of green quiz

– Sustainability escape room

– Each staff member their own dashboard: at their own pace

– Customized input questions

– Course certificate after completing the course

Changemakers in sustainability

Price per person per month


– Continuation to Building a shared sustainability mindset

– Meant for the sustainability gurus within the organisation

– Stay up to date on important developments

– Access to The Green Course Online Community

– Each month an assignment for internal use


Each participant has their own dashboard and can follow the modules at any time. The employer only decides on the start and end date.

The basic course consists of 4 modules, lasting about an hour each.

Fun! Not just informative videos, but also an online escape room, a fifty shades of green quiz and test questions!

The course is structured according to the change management model Prosci ADKAR®

All participants receive a PDF handout with the most important information and an online certificate after completing the course.

Information given by external experts could create more support and goodwill.


Do you know that feeling when all of a sudden you see things crystal clear? This is what I should do!

We are Ramona Davidson and Sanne Vincenten, founders of The Green Course. We met back in 2014 when we were colleagues working both as account managers for the same client.  A very corporate role, but we always had great interest in the sustainability aspects of the role.

After an intense but very pleasant collaboration and countless long workweeks together, we both got pregnant. After our daughters were born, Ramona started her own business as a sustainability consultant. Sanne remained at the company but in a new role as sustainability manager.

Both experienced a reoccurring issue in their new jobs; to really implement sustainability plans and goals, you need the entire organisation. And to get everyone on board, takes a lot of effort. We expect and know that many of our sustainability colleagues have a similar problem. 

In our opinion you don’t need to be a sustainability expert to understand that our planet is not doing well. Various problems such as global warming have very serious and disastrous consequences if we don’t act fast. Although for some this does not hit home. There needs to be change to keep our lives (and those of future generations) habitable and comfortable. We want to trigger the intrinsic motivation of as many people as possible, to make change easier and faster.

Our mission is therefore: inspire everyone to adopt a sustainability mindset and lifestyle! 



“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
– Robert Swan

1987 – St.Maarten – WO

Ramona started her own business Green Heart sustainability advice after she completed the Business Sustainability Management short course at the University of Cambridge. She helps businesses to develop sustainability plans and assists various councils with their sustainability projects. Ramona and her family are working on adopting a zero waste lifestyle and creating an energy efficient home.



‘The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion’
– Paulo Coelho

1983 – Apeldoorn – WO

In her job role as sustainability manager Sanne is responsible for the sustainability practises of an interior building company that operates in various sectors. Together with her team she developed and launched a company specific CO2 calculator, a sustainable materials library and started the transition to developing circular products.

Per participant we plant a tree through Trees for All

Every year 3.5 billion trees are lost. With disastrous consequences for people, animals and climate. That’s why Trees for All invest in trees. How? They plant trees and restore existing forests and raise awareness about the need for trees. Close to home, but also further away through sustainable forestry projects in developing countries. The Green Course plants a tree on behalf of each participant of Building a shared sustainability mindset.

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